Our Vision

to provide underprivileged consumers in emerging and developing countries a service on their mobile phones that empowers their life, serving 2.5 billion consumers globally. 



Our Approach

build the service as an internet service but make it accessible with even the simplest mobile phone, as far as connectivity reaches, using interactive telecommunication protocols. We also build on deep consumer insight to meet the needs of lower-income people. 


Our History

the business venture was born in a global telecommunication giant in Finland and spun out in Spring 2009 with license agreement (patents pending) into the start-up company Sibesonke.


Our Services 

Our first commerical service is market research for the more difficult to reach mass opinion leaders in South Africa (LSM1-6). We run user surveys for brands as well as for newspapers and non-profit organisations. Check our unique BOPinion market research tool.

Our Mobile Service 

Sibesonke's consumer pilot was successfully finalized 2009 in South Africa. Direct consumer feedback has been very encouraging to overwhelming. We reached exponential growth during the trial phase. In 2010, we expand the service geographically and in user experience with partner cooperations while at the same time building proprietary IPR, a user segmentation model (targeted ads), and rapid user feedback process.

Sibesonke works on every mobile phone using SMS and USSD which are part of the GSM technical standard. USSD is a text based browsing protocol allowing faster information download than SMS. In Sibesonke, users can browse content and make own posts whatever phone model they have. The service is life in South Africa today and connected to all mobile networks.

How it works?

Dial *xxx# on your cell phone and the data call is established giving you a text screen on your cell phone. Follow the instructions and select your "next page" option by pressing "answer" "send".


Sibesonke brings life empowering mobile services to lower-income people with only basic phones.



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