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Easy AgriBusiness with Pioneer Field Solutions in Africa

As pioneer in digital agriculture we know the challenges in AgriBusiness. Our award-winning mFarming platform makes your business easy to increase productivity for all.

Farm Input Supplier

Your quality products – fertilisers, seeds, or crop protection – don’t reach enough farmers and retailers?

Make sales & distribution easy with mFarming!

Crop Buyer

You buy crops from smallholder farmers and need digital tools to scale and trace quality?

Make crop sourcing easy with mFarming!

Not sure where to start?

We can analyze your field operations for digital opportunities, and set up solutions tailor-made for you.

Farm Input Suppliers

You sell quality fertilisers, seeds, or crop protection products but reaching more farmer customers is costly. 
You wish orders could come into your inbox and you would be able to manage your field operations more from the desktop.
Then, the innovative mFarming platform is for you. Let things come to you!

Make your input sales & distribution easy now!

Field Staff

Guide your sales officers and agronomists work, receive quality reports with photos.

Agro Shops

Receive orders and feedback from remote agro shops, empower their business for your products.

Demonstration Plots

Plan & manage demonstration plots. Ensure quality progress, and advertise them to nearby smallholder farmers.


Communicate with farmers, retail agro shops, non-profit partners through different channels incl. SMS and USSD.

Crop Buyers

You buy crops from smallholder farmers and need digital tools to scale your operations while maintaining sourcing quality.
You wish you could have all crop reports in one place, harvests, field sizes, quality or organic certification reports for audits. 
Then, the innovative mFarming platform is for you. 
Make your crop sourcing easy now!
Field Staff

Guide your aggregation managers and agronomists, receive instantly reports with quality control and photos.

Farmer Producers

You purchase from farmers or farmer groups? Receive digital receipts, trace quality, get instant reports.

Sales Support

You sell quality food products through retail agents? Let us help you with your sales, too.


Communicate with your farmers, staff, farm input companies through different channels incl. SMS and USSD.


About Us

Founded in 2009 by Nokia Top Innovators, Sibesonke Ltd develops and operates mobile & web services in Africa since its beginning and mFarming since 2012. The company’s core competence is product & business innovation in Africa – a market known as huge but challenging. Through its own market proven innovations, Sibesonke gained invaluable insights that make the AgriBusiness of its clients and users easier.

mFarming solutions revolve around the needs of smallholder farmers throughout the farming cycle. This includes connecting them to agriculture stakeholders locally and internationally by creating synergies and efficiency in doing business among them.The mFarming digital platform has 4+ million farmers as users.

As a Nokia spin-out Sibesonke Ltd is headquartered in Espoo, Finland, and its subsidiary Sibesonke East Africa Ltd in Dar es Salaam.
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Sibesonke Ltd
Betonimiehenkuja 3, 02150 Espoo, Finland