We create Mobile Communities in emerging countries.

Sibesonke brings life empowering mobile services to lower-income people with only basic phones.

Mobile Communities

Sibesonke provides social and business networking on the simplest of mobile phones. Sibesonke Mobile Communities are a unique, award-winning service addressing the world’s 2.5 billion phones users in the developing world who are without Internet.

Benefits and services

Mobile operators benefit from immediate additional revenues, exciting new services for their subscribers and light service setup and management. Sibesonke leverages cost efficient server technologies for mobile agriculture, mobile health, mobile SME, and mobile education services.
We also enable real-time consumer research into the base of the pyramid through our BOPinion service. Sibesonke’s mission is to empower mobile phone users with life-relevant new services. For this we also partner with global non-profit organisations.


Sibesonke works on every mobile phone using SMS and USSD which are part of the GSM technical standard. USSD is a text based browsing protocol allowing faster information download than SMS. In Sibesonke, users can browse content and make own posts whatever phone model they have.


Sibesonke Ltd
Betonimiehenkuja 3, 02150 Espoo, Finland