mFarming Easy AgriBusiness for Holland Greentech

For over a year now, Holland Greentech has achieved digitized field operations using mFarming solutions. Holland Greentech offers quality horticultural inputs and services to vegetable growers and partners in sub-Saharan Africa. We had a great moment teaming with our happy Client, Holland Greentech during this year’s Farmers Day in Morogoro. Through mFarming’s Field Officer app, sales officers and […]

Who is behind mFarming – our Nokia background

mFarming logo

The company behind mFarming, Sibesonke Ltd, was founded by Nokia Top Innovators in 2009. At Nokia, year after year expectations were exceeded how deeply cell phones penetrate into lower income segments. Having witnessed what simple cell phones can do for people in developing countries, the Nokia spin-out Sibesonke decided to create mobile services that improve […]